VoiceLeads.us – The Secrets to Growing a Life Insurance Agency

The secret to running a productive life insurance agency while keeping your life insurance agents loyal is having a dependable marketing firm or lead company behind the scenes solely responsible for generating leads for your group.

Let’s face it, if you are not spending at least $400 or more a week on leads your life insurance business is most likely struggling. Even worse, if you are an agency manager that is unable to supply your life insurance agency with quality life insurance leads on demand then most or your agents will find another life insurance agency to work for.

The problem most life insurance agents, Insurance Marketing Organizations and Field Marketing Organizations have is finding a lead source that not only can keep up with demand but also deliver on its promises. However, when you do find a lead company that is everything you expect it to be, your group writes more applications, profits increase and your agents are happy and loyal.

VoiceLeads.US is a reputable insurance voicemail lead source serving the life insurance and final expense insurance industry since 2007. During that time, they have served over 1,000 agents and produced over 20,000 leads. Currently they represent five of the largest FMOs in the industry who manage nearly 45% of all agents in the nation while also exclusively serving over two dozen IMOs and/or life insurance agencies.

Serving the life insurance industry as an exclusive lead source, VoiceLeads.us has improved the lead marketplace by instituting an exclusive lead territory policy that extends loyalty and consistency to its customers.

“We turn down more business then we accept due to territorial rights we extend to our current customer base,” says Joe Sanchez, director of sales for VoiceLeads.us who is referring to the one agent per county policy the company religiously follows. “The reason we are so conservative is because loyalty to our current customers supersedes the need to take on new business.” he says. In the end, we retain a 65% repeat business percentage while revenues continue to grow 20 percent over each year.

Field Marketing Organizations and Insurance Marketing Organizations are taking notice and gravitating to the expanding lead company. “Simply put our production keeps pace with client demand, we deliver our orders in 48 hours or less and turnaround from payment to lead delivery is less than 24 hours,” says Sanchez.

Marketing packages for Agencies, FMOs and IMOs include reduced pricing, territorial security, custom web landing pages with your branding that enables easy ordering for your group, training seminars and award-winning customer service that handles any day to day issues.  Agency Lead Packages are only available to groups who spend more than $3,000 a week on leads.

All serious players who are interested in finding a lead source to serve their entire group exclusively are encouraged to call VoiceLeads’ corporate headquarters by dialing 815-272-2245 ext 1 or visit http://www.voiceleads.us today.

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