Life Insurance Agent Recruiting Leads is pleased to announce the availability of life insurance agent recruiting leads now offered by the company for those agencies looking to recruit more agents.

The way it works is you purchase an agent list from any state department of insurance, we call the list and advertise your custom message, and agents who want a phone call or more information in return leave a voice message asking you to call back.

The program is proving to be very successful. On a recent campaign a client advertised their IUL sales system and encouraged agents to learn more about it. The client ordered 20 leads and he received all 20 within just two days. Each lead was a message left by a life insurance agent asking for a return phone call with the information.

To learn more about the new life insurance agent recruiting system please call 815-272-2245, ext. 1 and speak with an available sales associate. Pricing is determined by the number of leads purchased and the frequency of the campaigns.

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