How to Recruit Dozens of Life Insurance Agents

Life insurance agent recruiting is an important task to consider when growing your life insurance agency. Most agents turn to email marketing, Craigslist, Backpage or run classifieds in various newspapers in order to attract good talent. However there is a new way to recruit and is leading the way when it comes to “industrial-level” insurance agent recruiting.

During the last year, has slowly implemented a new insurance agent recruiting program that delivers actual voicemail messages from life agents asking more information regarding your life insurance agency / producer program.

When your life agent recruiting campaign begins, will call a specific business to business life insurance agent list, that we provide, and the prospects are pitched on a very specific message about your agency that we create together. Those who are interested are told to leave their name and number after the beep and they will be contacted within 24 hours. Those who do are considered leads and are sent by email within five minutes after the lead is generated. Every recruiting lead allows the buyer to listen to the audio message left by the prospect.

Agencies can easily recruit dozens of agents a month and grow their downline like never before. Also we are not aware of any other company currently offering this type of telemarketing service that can deliver at least a dozen or more leads a day, from licensed agents who want you to call back regarding your sales program!

Public information on the program will remain minimal and those interested can receive additional information by calling 815-272-2245, ext. 1 for sales. Mention this article and receive a 20% discount on your first purchase.

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