Telemarketed Life Insurance Leads

Our new Live Leads are taking the life insurance industry by surprise by combining exclusivity with an extensive phone interview that produces a high quality results boosting sales production. A Live Lead is a Telemarketed Life Insurance Lead where the prospect goes through a rigorous, 11-point question interview and are asked such things as if they have a bank account; if they smoke; how much life insurance coverage are they looking for; if they currently have life insurance; if they have any health problems that would prevent them from getting life insurance; if they have a heart attack, stroke, cancer or been confined to the hospital in the last year, if they take medications and more.

Released back in July, agents are slowly making it their lead of choice due to the quality and dependability of this telemarketed lead. Agents can expect to encounter prospects that are warm and friendly on the phone, interested in what you have to offer and want to discuss life insurance. These leads are great for setting appointments and/or selling over the phone. Best of all, when compared with other types of lead sources, there is no better value for the price agents pay.

Don’t get fooled by other types of telemarketed leads. Other companies claim to telemarket leads but what they actually do is conduct “health surveys” over the phone and at the end they say, “Oh by the way would you like a life insurance agent to contact you.” They consider that a lead. Other issues agents have with other telemarketing lead companies are that they take forever to generate the lead order. You can wait weeks for a completed order putting a damper on your sales. We are the only company in the country that actually conducts an 8-minute interview asking them over 11 questions about their health and background while delivering orders within five business days or less.

Direct mail is a popular form of lead generation and typically costs $420 per 1000 cards dropped. Agents hope for a 1% return or better so on average an agent can receive about 10 leads back at a cost of $42 each. The only information you receive is a person’s name, age and phone number. Out of the ten leads about two of them will not have the phone number written because they don’t want you calling back and the prospect did not write it on purpose. Also some of them won’t have bank accounts and most will not even realize what they responded to is about life insurance because they are fooled by words of benefit and program contained in the ad copy. For $3 more a lead than what you spend on direct mail, you can purchase Live Leads where they were interviewed for over 8 minutes, asked over 11 questions, prospects know it’s about life insurance and truly are interested in what you have to offer. Selling life insurance is not about working harder it’s about working smarter.

To celebrate the inception of the new way to market life insurance leads, is now offering 10% off your first order. You must phone in your order by calling 855-68-LEADS that’s 855-685-3237.

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