Life Insurance Appointment Setting Service

VoiceLeads is pleased to announce a new appointment setting service that takes away the stress of filling your calendar with solid sales opportunities while putting you in front of more prospects consistently willing to sit and discuss buying life insurance.

Launched this month, the new APP Lead, (short for Appointment Lead), is a spawn of our Live Telemarketed Lead, the only difference is we are setting the date, time and location of where you are going to meet the prospect.

Before going to each appointment or sit, you will have the person’s name, time of appointment, full address, age, smoking preference and they will confirm having a bank account. Your appointment is logged in an online spreadsheet that is shared between you and your telemarketer. As appointments are set, they are added to the online spreadsheet in real time. You can track progress on any smart or internet enabled device. There is not a better feeling in the world to look at your phone or computer just before you go to sleep to see that you have 4-5 appointments in the morning. Sweet Dreams!

We try to set appointments 48 hours or less in advance. This is to minimize any no-show appointments. We acknowledge no show appointments will happen even if Superman is setting the appointment but our style of appointment setting is designed to minimize this reality.

Given no-show appointments are a reality, we have a replacement policy that helps minimize the cost for both the telemarketing company and the life insurance agent. If an agent goes on a no-show appointment, 50% of the cost of the lead is credited to the life agent’s account. So if a life agent went on two no-show appointments, then the agent would receive one new appointment in its place.

The new APP Lead is a premium and exclusive service only for the agent whose time is valuable, buys in large volume and closes 80 to 90 percent of their sits. They are exclusive because we only have a limited number of telemarketers and once their plates are full we do not take on new clients. Our telemarketers are the cream of the crop, trained by a veteran licensed life insurance agent and are all located in-house, within our office.

We are adding only a few clients in the month of April. If you are interested I encourage you to call and reserve your slot today, 855-68-LEADS or 855-685-3237.

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