Why Voicemail Leads Work

There are many agents out there who feel “ripped off” by most lead companies especially the ones who sell internet leads. We field calls all day of suspicious agents wanting to use our services but feel like they can’t trust anyone. However, when they ask if a particular territory is available and we say it isn’t and turn away the business, then they realize we are not your ordinary final expense lead company!

Our philosophy is that we are in this together. What this means is we are not successful as a final expense lead provider if you are not successful in the field. If you don’t become a repeat buyer, then we lose money because our territories are exclusive. Everything we do, sets you up for success and ensures you will be a repeat purchaser. Here is how we are different:

1. Lead territories are on a first come first serve basis. This protects you from droughts and ensures you will always recieve your final expense leads within 1-2 days. You will not find another lead company doing this.

2. Your leads are exclusive to you! That means you are not fighting with a dozen other agents for the same peice of business. If you are currently using shared leads or internet leads you are working three times as hard for your commissions.

3. Your voicemail leads are delivered instantly via email. This means you can literally call the prospect back minutes after the message was left and while they are in a buying mood.

4. You get the actual audio message of the person delivered to your email inbox. You can open it up and listen to the prospect in their own words. Other voicemail lead companies give you an excel spreadsheet of the leads with no audio to listen to. By us giving you the audio for every final expense lead you receive promotes total transparency.

5. When you receive a voicemail lead the person is asking you to call them back. Imagine that for a second. The client wants you to return their phone call! If you are a veteran that has used every lead source under the sun than this will surely be a treat for you!

6. The delivery of all your leads takes only 24-48 hours! Imagine receiving all your leads within two days. Imagine how many appointments you can set if you had 20 voicemails every Monday waiting for you. We have the ability to deliver 60 leads a week if you wanted it that way! Agencies choose us because we can deliver high volume in a couple days.  That’s the way you make money!

Any questions, call 815-272-2245 today!.

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