VoiceLeads.us – Secrets to Selling Life Insurance Over the Phone

Have you ever tried selling life insurance over the phone but failed because you didn’t have the proper script? Have you ever wanted to eavesdrop on an insurance agent selling over the phone so you could learn how they did it, word for word? Well the wait is over.

The secrets to selling life insurance over the phone are now revealed in four training audios that were recorded live during four separate sales over the phone calls between a life insurance agent and four different prospects. These four, recorded-live, sales events give the agent a step by step guide on how to open and control the conversation, what questions to ask in the correct order, how to set up for the close, how to tactfully ask for banking information and most importantly how to close and transition to tele-underwriting.

“The best way to learn is by imitation and this is an opportunity to listen and later imitate the exact words and phrases that led to four separate life sales over the phone,” says Mike Fitzgerald, president of VoiceLeads.us. “When you listen to these audios you will hear that the agent says the same thing in order each time. This is a script that sells and you can hear it for yourself and sell your way to a prosperous career.” Fitzgerald said.

These are powerful training audios not available anywhere else. You get to hear exactly how a sale is conducted over the phone as it was recorded live on four different occasions. “If the agent just repeats what is said on the audios then they are on there way to a six-figure income without ever leaving their home,” says Fitzgerald.

Selling life insurance over the phone is rapidly becoming the trend in the insurance industry as life insurance companies allow for this more and more. Agents will soon realize that paying $4 a gallon gas and going on at least one “no-show” appointment a day is not a cost-effective way to run their business.

To learn more about the secrets to selling life insurance over the phone please visit http://voiceleads.us/sell_over_the_phone.html and learn more today. For a small investment, you have an opportunity to earn dividends for years to come.

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