Insurance Prospect Lists, Contact Consumer or Business Leads Today

VoiceLeads.US now offers access to its consumer and business database for purchase by life insurance and annuity agents interested in cold calling prospects, sending mailings or for those who like to use a predictive phone dialer.

Our consumer and business database and is updated every 30 days and all lists are scrubbed with the Do Not Call Registry before being distributed to the life insurance agent. All lists come with first, last name, address, phone, city and zip in an excel spread sheet.

There are many filters you can add to your purchase to help pinpoint your target. On the consumer end you can input such as age range, presence of kids, marital status, home owner, renter, length of residence, dwelling type, gender, education, income, net worth and home market value.

Business filters include titles, number of employees, sales volume, yellow page ads, location type, number of computers, years in business, public or private company, square footage, credit rating, SIC codes, fax present and website present.

Prices range from $1.00 a record to .$10 a record depending on the size of the list ordered. For more information please call 815-272-2245 ext 1 and we will pull counts in your area and give you a quote. References are available as always on request.

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