Insurance Call Center Leads, The Secrets to Success

Life Insurance call centers are a great way to turn your agency from a six-figure producer into a multimillion dollar producer but many start-ups struggle with finding a lead source that will make their phones ring.

Selling life insurance over the phone, especially in an insurance call center environment, is a trend in the life insurance industry is heading and the idea is implemented more and more each year. Entrepreneurs who have the vision and capitol to open life insurance call centers however struggle with making their phones ring because it is difficult to find a company that specializes in life insurance call center lead production.

The proven way to generate leads for your insurance sales call center is by using a direct live transfer. A direct live transfer connects a live prospect to an agent sitting in your call center. The prospect listens to a message about insurance and then opts in to speak with a live agent. The agent takes the call, one after the other and sells life insurance over the phone. Direct Live Transfer calls come in at a furious pace making every phone in the call center ring keeping your life insurance agents busy talking and selling.

A reputable lead source specializing in direct live transfers for a life insurance call centers is VoiceLeads.US. In business for almost four years, VoiceLeads.US has helped open call centers across the country and currently supplies leads for three of the largest insurance call centers in the country. VoiceLeads.US assists not only in the lead generation for these companies but also serves as a consultant helping entrepreneurs open each call center and guiding owners on the do’s and don’ts of the process.

If you ever dreamed of taking your agency to the highest level in life insurance sales by opening a life insurance call center, then call VoiceLeads.US today at 815-272-2245, ext 1 to speak with a consultant today.

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Have you ever tried selling life insurance over the phone but failed because you didn’t have the proper script? Have you ever wanted to eavesdrop on an insurance agent selling over the phone so you could learn how they did it, word for word? Well the wait is over.

The secrets to selling life insurance over the phone are now revealed in four training audios that were recorded live during four separate sales over the phone calls between a life insurance agent and four different prospects. These four, recorded-live, sales events give the agent a step by step guide on how to open and control the conversation, what questions to ask in the correct order, how to set up for the close, how to tactfully ask for banking information and most importantly how to close and transition to tele-underwriting.

“The best way to learn is by imitation and this is an opportunity to listen and later imitate the exact words and phrases that led to four separate life sales over the phone,” says Mike Fitzgerald, president of “When you listen to these audios you will hear that the agent says the same thing in order each time. This is a script that sells and you can hear it for yourself and sell your way to a prosperous career.” Fitzgerald said.

These are powerful training audios not available anywhere else. You get to hear exactly how a sale is conducted over the phone as it was recorded live on four different occasions. “If the agent just repeats what is said on the audios then they are on there way to a six-figure income without ever leaving their home,” says Fitzgerald.

Selling life insurance over the phone is rapidly becoming the trend in the insurance industry as life insurance companies allow for this more and more. Agents will soon realize that paying $4 a gallon gas and going on at least one “no-show” appointment a day is not a cost-effective way to run their business.

To learn more about the secrets to selling life insurance over the phone please visit and learn more today. For a small investment, you have an opportunity to earn dividends for years to come.

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Live Transfer Final Expense Leads

Life insurance sales, especially final expense life insurance sales, can be conducted over the phone without having to visit the client in the home. This is a huge advantage for those agents or agencies that dedicate their marketing resources to closing business over the phone. Think about it, selling over the phone eliminates no-show appointments, having to drive all over town wasting gas, allows you to close more business faster than ever before. It sounds to good to be true but its not!

So how do you sell final expense insurance over the phone? The secret to selling final expense insurance over the phone is having a live transfer lead source that funnels live call transfers to your office or call center. A live transfer lead source will make thousands of phone calls on your behalf, when the person opts in for more information, they are transferred live to your telephone or your bank of phones live. From there it is up to the salesman to close the business. You can talk to more people in an hour then you could see in an entire day.

A new service provided by VoiceLeads.US is their DIY lead generation system gives VoiceLeads clients access to their powerful telephone server that allows them to generate their own direct live transfer leads for themselves or a call center. Clients get access to  the same telephone server used to generate voicemails and direct live transfers for the full-service division of the business. The benefits of this is you, the client, are in control of your lead source and not dependent on a third party to generate the leads. It is also more cost-effective then opting for full service lead generation. You will save almost 50 % compared to full service lead generation.

The days of driving all over town wasting gas, getting no-showed by  clients and working all hours of the day to accommodate appointment scheduling are a thing of the past. Selling over the phone is the promise of the future. Thousands of life insurance agents are doing it but you can’t until you figure out how. Choose VoiceLeads.US for your live transfer lead generation and start selling over the phone today!

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Life Insurance Recruiting, Secrets to Success

Many life insurance agents want to grow their agencies and manage a group of agents hoping to make overrides on the business they produce. However life insurance agents with aspirations of building an agency find it hard to attract and recruit agents.

The secrets to building a life insurance agency is having a great set of life insurance carriers to work with, a great lead system that keeps your recruits producing in the field and a website that is appealing and

Life Insurance Carriers
There are hundreds of life insurance carriers to choose from. As an agency manager, you want to appoint with those that offer low pricing, an easy and short application process and companies with great agent customer service.

The first mistake agents make is contracting with dozens and dozens of companies they will never write one piece of business with. First of all, don’t do this. All you need are a group or portfolio of about six life insurance companies that can insurance anybody from healthy to not healthy, age 0-89.

When choosing your portfolio contract with companies for the following: 1. life insurance company that provides fully underwritten term and the lowest cost. 2. A life insurance company that provides non-med term and non-med term with return of premium table rated to a four.  3. A few life insurance companies that provide final expense whole life insurance.  4. A life insurance company that will insure anybody, we call this your last resort company.

Here is a company that has got it right. Life Agent Alliance has this combination of carriers built around speed, ease, customer service and pricing.

You will never recruit a single agent unless you have a lead system that is exclusive, fresh and intriguing. Once you find this lead system, you must guard your lead source the way you would protect your family. If your agents find out who your lead source is, they can go around you and buy direct from your lead provider. is a lead source you can use that serves many agencies across the country. They offer a do-it-yourself lead service that allows you to control the lead generation yourself, eliminating the middle man between you and your leads. This puts the agency manager in control of the lead process and creates stability for your agency. Learn more at

Recruiting Website
Many agencies fail when it comes to a recruiting website. Have you seen the agency websites that look like they were built back in 1990? Honestly, would you trust your livelyhood with an agency that can’t even produece a sexy looking website? Of course not. When you build your website, it must be fresh, inviting and intriguing. Again look at what Life Agent Alliance does. This website says, “professional,” “got it together,” “we know what we are doing.”

Your website is as important as your lead source and the carriers you write. Don’t make it look amateurish and out-dated!

We hope this bit of information helps you grow your career. Good Luck!

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Do it Yourself Insurance Lead Generation is pleased to announce the addition of Do It Yourself insurance lead generation or DIY insurance lead generation for those agents who want to be in control of their own lead generation and distribution.

The DIY lead generation system gives VoiceLeads clients access to their powerful telephone server that allows them to generate their own exclusive voicemails or direct live transfer leads for the life insurance and final expense markets. This is the same telephone server used to generate voicemails and direct live transfers for the full-service division of the business.

“Now agents have access to the same system and tools VoiceLeads uses to generate thousands of leads for our clients,” says Mike Fitzgerald president and owner of Voiceleads.US. “Instead of paying labor for us to generate the leads you now can pay less and generate the insurance leads yourself but with our system,” he said.

Voiceleads.US launched DIY lead generation division to add another option to their list of insurance lead services that include a full-service exclusive voicemail leads and direct live transfer lead generation for the life insurance and final expense markets. This powerful telephone server gives agents the freedom and flexibility to generate and distribute their own leads putting the agent in the driver’s seat at all times. Even better, now the agent can generate their own exclusive voicemail leads or turn their home or office into a call center at anytime they choose, using the patent-pending telephone system.

“We felt our company needed a “do it yourself,” option to help serve our clients but at first we were apprehensive about giving access to our system but since we own the technology, but now nobody can duplicate it,” says Fitzgerald.

During the launch, many agents expressed how they prefer the control of generating their own leads and feel this will help them grow an agency.

“Having a lead source you control is critical if you want to build an agency,” says Jeff Pope an agent in Aurora, Ill., who manages over two dozen agents and purchases roughly 20,000 minutes a week in order to feed his hungry salesmen. “Now that I am in control of my own lead system, I can attract agents and retain them because I now can generate my own leads with a system used by a professional lead company,” he said. “I am in control,” he added.

Users of the new DIY Lead Generation system receive round the clock customer support and free access to telephone data reducing costs further. Purchases are made in blocks of minutes and everybody receives a secure user name and login password in order to access the system. Once a short training program is complete, agents will have access to the system and begin generating leads immediately.

To learn more about generating your own leads for yourself or your agency visit VoiceLeads.US or phone 815-272-2245.

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Life Insurance Selling, The Secrets to Success

Many new life insurance agents have no understanding of what it takes to become successful in the life insurance industry. This post will focus on ways to become an independent life agent where you are in control of all aspects of selling, appointment setting and lead purchasing.

Most agents join an agency with a lead system when first starting their careers. They are promised tons of leads and support but in return they take anywhere from a 50%-80% contract and pay for the leads as well. There is nothing wrong with this only if you treat it as a learning experience and nothing more. Many of these agencies will give you the foundation you need to be successful. However, a new agent should spend no more than six months involved with this type of a program because you can make double the money on your own and below are the three secrets.

Secrets to Building your own Life Agency
There are three keys to becoming a successful independent life insurance agent and agency and they are a reliable and trustworthy lead source, strong appointment setting skills and contracting with carriers at street level which typically is 105-115%!

Life Insurance Lead Source
The hardest part of becoming an independent life agent is finding a good lead source. Many sources on the internet are there to sell you recycled and shared leads. You need a company that views themselves as a division of your company or a partner in your production. You want a company that does not share your leads or your lead territory. Our company, VoiceLeads.US has this mentality and philosophy and serves agencies across the country. So the first part of the equation is solved. Once you have a lead source you are on your way to increasing your production and now you can recruit new agents and attract them with your leads. The key to recruiting agents, increasing your personal production and building an agency is a strong lead source. Choose VoiceLeads.US to achieve this.

Life Insurance Appointment Setting
Many agents are horrible at setting appointments and they die on the vine because of this inability. You must have strong appointment setting skills in this business. If you can set strong appointments you will not last long.

The secret to setting appointments is for you to act as the “appointment setter,” and not the insurance agent. This allows you to avoid the “How Much,” questions and getting into a situation where you are quoting over the phone. (You will never set an appointment if you quote over the phone so stop it!) If the how much situation comes up you just say, “Ms. Smith, I am just the appointment setter and not licensed to answer that but John the agent assigned to your territory will be happy to go over all the plans so what works better for you mornings, afternoons or evenings.” Start playing the role of appointment setter on the phone and set more appointments.

Contract with Life Insurance Carriers at Street Level
Many agents do not know that you can contract with carriers directly and avoid the middle man or in other words the agency’s thumb that you currently under. Contracting directly with the life insurance carriers gives you the benefit of picking and choosing the right products to add to your portfolio and also allows you access to what is called “street level” commissions. These are the highest levels and independent agent can receive and range, depending on the company from 105-120% Many agents are at 50-80% contract levels and still have to buy leads so why wouldn’t you want to find your own lead source, contract with your own carriers, set your own rules and best of all control YOUR DESTINY? Sounds too easy right? Well now is the time to get started and grow your business but remember if you need a lead source and/or more advice on what to do, choose VoiceLeads.US We are not only a trusted and valued lead resource but we will help grow and guide you in your career! Leads are priced right and best of all advice, scripts, sales presentations and ideas to grow your agency are always free!

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Final Expense Leads, The Keys to Success

There are many final expense lead companies available for life insurance agents to use that help agents generate more business. However, agents need to be aware of common mistakes made when choosing a final expense lead company.

Purchase Exclusive Final Expense Leads
Most lead companies are shared lead companies meaning when you receive a lead and so did 12 or more agents as well. These final expense leads are difficult to convert if not impossible because you and the other agents are competing for the same piece of business. Many agents go with shared leads because they are attracted to their low price but usually get what they pay for. In other words they buy cheap leads and get little or no results.

The solution is to always pay the extra money and buy exclusive leads. Every lead you receive will be yours for life. Instead of a less than 10 percent conversion rate, you will convert a lead into a solid piece a business over 60 percent of the time with exclusive leads. Pay the extra $10 per lead and watch your conversion rates shoot through the roof.

Choose a Final Expense Lead Company with Guarantees
Guarantees are important in this business and that’s why it is always better to buy “per lead” versus hoping for a 1 percent return or better as with direct mail leads. Many agents choose direct mail to generate their leads but there are no guarantees with direct mail. When you do a 1,000 piece mail drop you never know what you are going to get back. Ask yourself, “how can I run a business without guarantees?” Typically what happens with direct mail is you pay around $380 for a 1,000 piece drop and may get 10 back. So you are at $38 a lead but here is the catch, out of the 10 leads, four or five might not even have a phone number written on the card to call back. Typically what happens is with direct mail the person receiving the card does not write their phone number on it purposely because they just want somebody to mail them a packet. So what does an agent do? Well, you are door knocking the cards with no phone numbers. So for $380 you maybe received 4-6 good leads at an average cost of $95-$63 a lead. Ouch!

The solution is work with a final expense lead company that guarantees the return. If you order 20 leads you will receive 20 leads. That’s the way to achieve results and feed the family!

Stay away from Final Expense Internet Leads
Internet leads are probably the worst lead in the industry. The people that fill out forms on websites are filling out forms on multiple websites. They are tire kickers and are only shopping on price and not quality. If you are not contracted with the least expensive companies you will never close any business and lose most of the time. The other complaint about internet leads are that they are recycled and there is no way to ever know if you are working fresh leads or garbage. Many times you will call the prospect and they don’t even remember filling out the form because they did so months ago!

Try Voicemail Leads from VoiceLeads.US
Voicemail leads from VoiceLeads.US are the most qualified leads in the industry. They are double-opt in leads where the person leaves you a voicemail asking you to call them back after they opted in twice. They are exclusive, guaranteed and everything direct mail and internet leads are not. The lead is an actual audio file of the person speaking in the phone leaving you a message to call them back. That audio file is sent at the speed of email to your email address where you can open and play it on your computer speakers and hear it for yourself. They are timely and qualified and clients are setting 7-8 appointments on every 10 leads purchased.

To learn more about VoiceLeads.US visit today or call 815-272-2245 ext 1 today!

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Pre-Set Insurance Appointments, Buyer Beware

Many agents choose to hire companies that specialize in pre-set appointment services also known as appointment setting services but soon agents find out that their money wasn’t well spent.

The pre-set appointment setting companies claim to set appointments for life insurance and final expense insurance agents that will increase their sales like never before. However, what really happens is most of these companies set lousy appointments and the agents will spend most of the time chasing a bunch of no-shows rather than setting their own appointments themselves the correct way.

The problem is that paid appointment setters are playing a numbers game, which simply means the higher their numbers the more money that appointment setter makes. So basically if the prospect on the other end of the phone simply “sniffs,” they interpret that as a set appointment in their eagerness to boost their numbers.

Do you know what the most important aspect of the sales process is that will determine whether you are eating steak for dinner or eating macaroni and cheese? It is appointment setting and you never want to hand-off the most crucial part of your business to a company that will never care as much as you do!

The ability to set or the inability to set appointments is the determining factor of whether you sink or swim in the life insurance industry. You want to micro-manage the appointment setting process not delegate it a company that holds your prosperity in their hands.

At VoiceLeads.US, we not only coach our clients on how to set appointments with our leads but we also provide the phone scripts for them to follow.

If you are intimidated to set appointments or think that you are not good at it, we will change your attitude with a one-one-one free webinar designed to sharpen your skills. This is a service for our clients only and a way to show everybody we are not an ordinary final expense lead company!

Call 815-272-2245 today!

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Exclusive Life Insurance Lead Territories

Our company fields dozens of calls everyday from agents wanting to give our system a try. Many agents are shocked when we turn down their business because another agent is in the territory they requested to run leads in.

Exclusive lead territories are a distinguishing factor of why our life insurance lead company is different from all the other lead companies available on the internet. Our philosophy is to set the agent up for success by ensuring their prosperity is never threatened by other agents that can cause lead shortages, charge backs and duplication of leads.

We are happy to say that we now have life agents in every state and our client retention rate is above 85%! The 15% of clients that we lose are typically new life agents coming from the medicare arena who don’t know how to sell life insurance. They will typically bounce around from lead company to lead company blaming every system for why they can’t sell when it is really them that is the reason.

At any rate, your life insurance lead company is the number one reason why either your family will feast or famine. We understand that and take every step possible to ensure your success by executing our exclusive lead territory policy.

For a moment, step in our shoes and try to imagine the amount of business we turn away and the money we lose due to our exclusive lead territory policy. When every other lead company’s goal is to pack agents into a territory like sardines, we are the total opposite and do so to retain your business!! That is the quality of service you can expect working with VoiceLeads.US!

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Why Voicemail Leads Work

There are many agents out there who feel “ripped off” by most lead companies especially the ones who sell internet leads. We field calls all day of suspicious agents wanting to use our services but feel like they can’t trust anyone. However, when they ask if a particular territory is available and we say it isn’t and turn away the business, then they realize we are not your ordinary final expense lead company!

Our philosophy is that we are in this together. What this means is we are not successful as a final expense lead provider if you are not successful in the field. If you don’t become a repeat buyer, then we lose money because our territories are exclusive. Everything we do, sets you up for success and ensures you will be a repeat purchaser. Here is how we are different:

1. Lead territories are on a first come first serve basis. This protects you from droughts and ensures you will always recieve your final expense leads within 1-2 days. You will not find another lead company doing this.

2. Your leads are exclusive to you! That means you are not fighting with a dozen other agents for the same peice of business. If you are currently using shared leads or internet leads you are working three times as hard for your commissions.

3. Your voicemail leads are delivered instantly via email. This means you can literally call the prospect back minutes after the message was left and while they are in a buying mood.

4. You get the actual audio message of the person delivered to your email inbox. You can open it up and listen to the prospect in their own words. Other voicemail lead companies give you an excel spreadsheet of the leads with no audio to listen to. By us giving you the audio for every final expense lead you receive promotes total transparency.

5. When you receive a voicemail lead the person is asking you to call them back. Imagine that for a second. The client wants you to return their phone call! If you are a veteran that has used every lead source under the sun than this will surely be a treat for you!

6. The delivery of all your leads takes only 24-48 hours! Imagine receiving all your leads within two days. Imagine how many appointments you can set if you had 20 voicemails every Monday waiting for you. We have the ability to deliver 60 leads a week if you wanted it that way! Agencies choose us because we can deliver high volume in a couple days.  That’s the way you make money!

Any questions, call 815-272-2245 today!.

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